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Who Recommends Marathon Pain Relief? You Do!

We’ve learned firsthand and directly shared in the experience of those who suffer from pain. Today we have 1000’s of enthusiastic customers who report daily about the amazing pain relieving power of Marathon Pain Relief… for one simple reason… It works!

We can tell you how fast Marathon Pain Relief™ works and that it relieves pain in your neckshoulders, backhipsknees and feet but how about instead we show you. At outdoor marketplaces we invited anyone with chronic aches and pains to give Marathon Pain Relief™ a try. View the video and see for yourself how Marathon Pain Relief™ has helped so many people in pain and then try some for yourself!


Sandy M.

“I’ve had back surgery so I doubted it was going to work but he rubbed it on and in minutes I was pain free! Nothing has ever worked on my pain before like Marathon Pain Relief not even prescription pain killers.”

— Sandy M.
Phil G.

“My mother had terrible pain in her right hip- the doctor said it was arthritis. I tried Marathon Pain Relief on it yesterday and for the 1st time in over a month she’s able to sit up and have weight on her hip. I’m a hero now!”

— Phil G.
Suzanne K.

“It’s really good! I’m a massage therapist so I need things that are going to take the pain away from my clients like that… this stuff works -- wow!”

— Suzanne K.
Mary G.

“...It does take my pain away, it does feel better and I don’t have that awful smell.”

— Mary G.
Darrin M.

“I broke my back in 2 places so they took me into trauma and did surgery. they put 16 screws and 4 plates in. Now I’ll put Marathon Pain Relief on because it definitely helps with my pain and I don’t have any plan to quit using it!”

— Darrin M.
Gloria V.

“Being skeptical I asked to try Marathon Pain Relief on just 1 knee although both were in extreme pain. After just a few minutes I realized the pain in my knee was gone! It was wonderful! Unbelievable! So I put it on the another knee with the same result! I’m glad I was willing to try the product.”

— Gloria V.
Regina A.

“I had a headache for 2 days that came from my neck and shoulders went all the way to my eye. It was excruciating! I put on the Marathon and it went away!”

— Regina A.
Dr. Scott Martin M.D.

“In my practice we take care of patients that have suffered from car accidents, post surgical pain, diseases related to the nervous system. These patients are desperate, they want something that's going to work immediately and so I give them Marathon Pain Relief. I actually apply it right here in the office. I want them to see that this is going to work right now, you’re going to feel better now. And almost all my patients do- the pain is better because of Marathon Pain Relief.”

— Dr. Scott Martin M.D.
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